The goal and purpose of Garage51 is to make available and invite all in the collector car hobby to a new platform in which they can participate at any level from their very own home. Research indicates there are several million hobbyists spread all across the USA, many of whom would enjoy sharing with others their special vehicles of all kinds - classics, antiques, special interest, customs, motorcyles and other kinds - but never attend the many annual shows, meets or auctions. It may be fairly obvious that Area51 was the inspiration for the name Garage51, and alludes to the many treasures hidden away in old garages, barns and workshops throughout the world.

Garage51 was developed for these hobbyists to have a special platform (see example) to show and share their special vehicles, projects, restoration stories, communicate among themselves, as well as find the products and services that help support their interests. And for those businesses that provide these very special and needed products and services to the collector car community, two separate categories (one for products, one for services) have been provided to better serve you.

One nice thing about the collector car hobby is that it provides enjoyment for families, couples and individuals at almost every economic level. An inexpensive high school re-creation that brings back or sustains cherished memories or that of the finest examples. This is a hobby all can enjoy if only as an observer.

A site such as Garage51 plants and waters the seeds of future hobbyists as well. If you ask most that now spend $100,000.00 or more on a collector vehicle at a high end auction, almost all will tell you they never envisioned doing so when they were 15, 20, or 30 years of age. As well almost all will have a story about a very first special car they owned or collected, and almost always for very little money.

We hope those of you that participate at any level in the collector car hobby will always include Garage51. If you are an owner of a vehicle or a product or service provider, our 12-month listing package (see Advantages of Our Longer Running Listings) for only $35 a year will provide a very efficient service for you. In addition to an attractive display platform there are many additional features and benefits we feel most in the hobby will appreciate.

  • You can use videos to show off your vehicle, product or service.
  • You can find products and services you need for your project provided by those who have spent years perfecting and making them available.
  • You can save your favorite garages for future viewing.
  • You can make instant printer-friendly printouts directly from any listing by simply clicking a link.
  • You can email any listing to anyone with just a single click from within the listing.
  • You can even elect to receive an instant email notification any time a new vehicle or item of interest is listed matching your notification request.
  • In addition, each listing has a link for mapping the location of that vehicle, product or service.
  • There is even a separate Private Record Service in which you can maintain an inventory and itemized record of your collector car assets, documentation information, as well as much more.
  • Garage51 is easy to navigate. To fully explore Garage51 click on the links in the blue navigation bars at the top and bottom of each page.

CLICK HERE to Contact Us For More Information is free for all to browse, view, search, as well as locate collector car related products or services. You may also log in to save favorites, receive instant notifications for special vehicles or items of interest, as well as communicate with those who have garage places on this site.

The goal of is to provide a long term forum (in which, for only $35 a year, classic car lovers and car enthusiasts of all kinds can have their very own page (garage) where they can show, share, and communicate among themselves concerning their collector car hobby interests.

For product and service providers, the same applies, for only $35 per year you can have your very own business (garage) page showing the collector car world what you offer.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this special site.